The Everett Rowing Motto:

"The Everett Rowing Association offers the premier rowing experience for adults and youths in the Greater Everett Area.  The association combines recreational, social and competitive opportunities that lead to building health, life skills and rowing excellence."

The Everett Rowing Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the sport of rowing in Snohomish County.  If you are looking to enter the sport, we offer classes in learning how to row for youth and adults.  We will take you through the basics of the stroke and by the time you are done, you will be rowing on the Snohomish River.

If you have rowed in the past and are looking to get back into the sport we can find the right seat for you!  Take a look at our Adult (Masters) Program page and please contact Everett Rowing with any questions.


  • Team Work: Rowers pull together towards a common goal

  • Educational: Rowers learn self-discipline and motivation together with commitment and a spirit of fair play.

  • Focus: Rowers require total concentration on the ultimate objective in order to harness power and precision in this demanding endurance sport.

  • Traditional: Rowers transmit time honoured values and shared experiences to future generations.

  • Environmental: Rowers respect and safeguard the water and its surroundings.



The Everett Rowing Association Boathouse, dedicated in February of 1991, is the home of the Everett Rowing Association.  The association was founded in 1982 by a group led by Marty Beyer and Lynn Dykgraaf.  Beyer and Dykgraaf inspired the community efforts in acquiring boats and, in June of 1984, a small boathouse.  Dick and Irma Erickson brought their considerable experience & knowledge in the sport of rowing to bear in the following years of growth.  Robert and Barbara Cummins were also instrumental in leading the association to the highest levels of competition.