2020 Auction & Gala

Saturday, March 7, 2020
Doors open 5:00 PM


location: edward d. hanson conference center



Dear Parents, Rowers, Family and Friends of Everett Rowing!

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Please contact Marjean Taubeneck directly to see if any options remain to attend: admin@everettrowing.com. 425-345-5138.

The ERA Auction Gala is our biggest fundraiser of the year. The Auction reduces the overall costs to club members, supports our equipment needs – and is a lot of fun! We are excited to introduce a new auctioneer this year!

It will take place on Saturday, March 7, 2020, and will be held at the Edward D. Hanson Conference Center at the Angel of the Winds Arena in Everett. 

This fundraiser helps to support our mission of providing the premier rowing experience for youth and adults in the greater Everett area.  Proceeds from this event will be used to expand and enhance our existing programs, increase our endowment, and bring new equipment to the shell house.

What we contribute makes an impact on our athletes, not only for a practice, or a season, but for their lifetime.  Our support is meaningful, it is appreciated and it ultimately rewards us.  We cannot emphasize enough how many small contributions contribute to the entire success of our event, and our organization as a whole.  

Please help Everett Rowing continue to offer great programs, at exceptional value to as many people as possible!


Carmen Slack
Executive Director


Marjean Taubeneck
Auction Coordinator


The Auction meets 3 critical components of our financial health:

  • Operating Budget: The auction subsidizes every athlete’s rowing by approximately $250 each year. This helps us maintain fees of at least $150 less than the average of all rowing clubs in the region.

  • Equipment: We are committed to ensuring our athletes have the best available equipment for training and competition.

  • Financial Aid: Everett Rowing is committed to a need-based financial aid program for youth. 

YOU can help:

  • Attendance: It is a wonderful night to celebrate our club, and the sport. Please invite family and friends to join us. We have a variety of items, ranging from vacation homes and travel experiences to wine and local specialties.

  • Volunteerism: The auction takes roughly 1,000 hours of volunteer work to produce. Please help! Contact Marjean Taubeneck at admin@everettrowing.com to help.

  • Item donation: Please consider making a donation, or help Procure Items for the live or silent auctions. See below for more detail.

Major gifts: Please contact Carmen directly for major gifts or sponsorship opportunities, including the purchase of boat-naming rights: phone (425) 345-5138 or email: director@everettrowing.com

  • Bring a Dessert for “The Dessert Dash”: an exciting race for your favorite dessert, and ends in the most tasty way possible – contributions to ERA’s financial aid program and a mouth watering dessert for your table to share.

The Desserts should be delivered to the Edward D. Hanson Conference Center at between 9AM-1PM on Saturday March 7th.  



The ERA auction and gala cannot be a success without your help to procure wonderful and exciting items to sell!

A procurement letter & form is used to solicit items for the auction from individuals and businesses. Use the letter to introduce the Auction to people, and the procurement form to document the gift.

  • Procurement forms submittal: to Marjean Taubeneck at the boathouse.

  • Procurement forms for Live Items DUE: Tuesday February 4, 2020

  • Silent Auction item forms DUE: Thursday February 27, 2020

Questions? Email auction@everettrowing.com or call Marjean Taubeneck at 425-345-5138

Suggestions for auction items:

Live Auction such as…..

  • Use of timeshares / condominiums in vacation destinations.

  • Plane tickets on Frequent Flyer Miles.

  • Dinner parties: Are you the best pit-master in Snohomish County?  Do you make pasta from scratch? Home-brewing party anyone?

  • Special events:  Do you have a sailboat?  Do you have a fishing boat?

  • Rowing related items: vintage oars, custom made rowing furniture or accessories.

Silent Auction such as….

  • Wine or beer gift baskets of home-brews.

  • Services:  Please ask the businesses you patronize. Your favorite restaurant, your beauty salon, your lawn service, photographers, house cleaners, etc.

  • Special interests: Do you fish or hunt?  Put together a salmon trip or a weekend at Elk Camp?   Do you own a few horses? Can you teach music or dance lessons? Sailing lessons?   Can you design a deck for someone? Do you play in a band? Can you donate a "gig"?

  • Rowing Related - books, gear, quilts, art, pot holders, or lanyards.

  • Gift items:  Do you make stationary?   Are your Christmas cookies the best on the block?  Do you take amazing photographs?

  • Donate a service or product?  Great way to get your family-run business in front of 325+ people in our community.

No item is too small!   A few small items can be combined for an appealing package or gift basket.


The past Auctions have had the following impacts on the club, over and above meeting the annual operating budget:

  • 2018: Funded the purchase of the “Tytus” (4x) and added $11,700 to the endowment fund.

  • 2017: Funded the purchase of the "TW Skalley" (8+), the "Helgerson" (2x/-) and added $11,000 to the endowment fund.

  • 2016: Funded the purchase of the "Lynn and Brenda Dykgraaf" (4+) and added $29,302 to the endowment for financial aid for youth athletes.

  • 2015: Funded the purchase of the "Mahan" (4+), "Spirit of Everett" (8), and "Snohomish" (4x); and added $7600 of financial aid for youth athletes

  • 2014: Funded the purchase of the "Betty White" (2-/2x), "Marty Beyer" (8), "Patrick Secor" (4+), and "Osprey" (2-/2x); and added $9,500 of financial aid for youth athletes

  • 2013: Funded the purchase of the "Padraic J McGovern", which was raced a the Youth National Championships in 2013.

  • 2012: Funded the purchase of the "Mazick" and the "Lacey", which are rowed at every masters practice.

  • 2011: Funded the purchase of the "Micki and Glenn Engel", which won a regional championship with the Varsity Men in 2011 and was raced at the Youth National Championships in 2011 and 2012.

  • 2010: Funded the purchase of the "Hazel and Tom Eckstrom", which has been raced at the Youth National Championships 3 times.

  • 2009: Funded the purchase of 3 new launches, with motors. Also, funded financial aid for the year.

  • 2008: Funded the purchase of the "Irma Erickson" which won a Brentwood, Regional and National Championship that year.

  • 2007: Funded the purchase of the "Lon and Linda Welly", which has won multiple Brentwood Championships and raced twice at the Youth National Championships.