Learn To Row

2 Week Classes


Learn to Row classes teach the basic skills of the sport of rowing. This class attracts people from all age groups, genders, and skill levels.   Competitive and recreational opportunities abound in this great team sport!   Whether you rowed a long time ago and want to get back onto the water or have never touched a rowing oar or boat, this novice class will get you on your way in a non-pressure environment!

Participants will learn the concept of balance and the sequence of the rowing stroke.  In consecutive sessions, concepts of ratio and cadence will give participants the confidence to row together better in an 8-person boat.  By the end of class, participants will have the concepts of how to move a boat smoothly through the water.   

2019 Morning Classes & 2019 Evening Classes

There will be 2-week classes April - September 2019. At the conclusion of each 2-week session each participate will receive a 2-week membership to any and all master group practices. There are two different times that the Learn to Row classes will be held, please sign up for the one that best fits your schedule.

  • April: Week of 8-19

  • May: Week of 6-17

  • June: Week of 3-14

  • July:  Week of 8-19

  • August: Week of 5-16

  • September: Week of 9-20

Time Options:

  • Morning class: Tuesday, Friday: 9:15 - 11:30 AM

  • Evening class: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 6:30-8:00 PM

Cost:  $59

Forms Required: (See Forms & Policies)

  • USRowing Waiver 

  • Swim Test

After Learn to Row, participants have two choices:

  • Continue to take Learn to Row classes

  • Join any club practice for $90 month