6:00 - 7:30AM 

Tuesday | Wednesday | Friday

All groups are welcome on Saturdays from 7:00-9:00am.


Learn to row with the Morning Glories! Do you like a relaxed setting with helpful and supportive teammates?  The Morning Glories enjoy getting on the water, striving for continual improvement in technique and fitness, and they LOVE to get their hands on new ERA rowers.  This is a very supportive group that likes to party with cake (or wine) whenever they can -  Is it your birthday?  Did you finally finish your master’s degree?  Your celebrations are the Morning Glories celebrations...

This group is a mix of men and women ranging from 1-week of experience to over a decade...what brings this team together?  They row with a love for the water and camaraderie!

This group is coached by Noah Langstraat. 

US Rowing Waivers are necessary:  For club/recreational/novice team rowing, please sign a hard-copy of the US Rowing Waiver (see Forms & Policies under About Us).  For competitive rowers that wish to race, please sign an electronic waiver (see Forms & Policies under About Us).  Everett Rowing's club code for the electronic waiver is: V9HNW.